About the Life Canvass!

The Life Canvass is a major national initiative which aims to have a one-to-one conversation with the nation on abortion. Most people are opposed to abortion, but some have questions on key issues. We aim to provide answers as part of a personal conversation with the nation on why we should say YES to Life, and NO to abortion.

We’ll be explaining why there’s always a better answer than abortion – and how pro-life laws have saved 250,000 lives, and protect BOTH mother and baby. The Life Canvass initiative will also use major social media, advertising and awareness campaigns to reach out with information and answers.

Canvassing has already started in several constituencies and the feedback is very positive. We need you to join us, even if only for a couple of hours a month, your presence is needed to help change hearts and minds! We look forward to hearing from you!

2600 x 955 Galway

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6 Gardiner Place, Dublin 1

info at http://www.lifecanvass.org

01 8730465

Life Canvass is supported by the Save the 8th and Protect the 8th campaigns and 30 local pro-life groups around the country