Crisis Pregnancy

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No one denies that sometimes a pregnancy can cause a crisis for a woman, especially women who are vulnerable. We need to make sure that women receive the support they need and deserve.

As a compassionate society we should seek to terminate the CRISIS and not the CHILD.

Financial, medical, family, and relationship issues can place incredible strain on expectant mothers.

However, abortion is a medieval response to a crisis pregnancy.  In the modern world, we should not have to offer violence as a solution to a woman in desperate need.

As a society, we can and should do better and offer progressive solutions that eliminate the crisis and not the pregnancy.

Women deserve better than abortion and society should be able to provide better answers to crisis pregnancies than abortion.  In order to build a better, more compassionate society and culture, we should be able to love them both.

Unborn babies and their mothers must be constitutionally protected from the failed, harmful, and outdated solution of abortion.

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