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One of the most positive things we can all do now to protect mothers and babies from abortion is to talk to people about why we should Save Lives by Saving the 8th amendment.

The ridiculously biased media, and the endless support they give to abortion campaigners, can make the reach of the ‘repeal’ groups look far-wider than it actually is. We have been canvassing door-to-door for over 2 years, and the response from ordinary people on the doors is very positive.

We’ve found that most people want to protect preborn children and women, but some people have genuine questions and concerns.

On the canvass, as part of that powerful one-to-one conversation, we are able to explain to them why abortion is never a solution or an option. In fact, we have found that it’s the most effective way to cut-through the media bias; going straight to the people – it’s real, it’s effective and it is changing change hearts and minds.

So, what do you have to do?

Count me in! I want to sign up for the Life Canvass and help educate the nation on abortion

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Life Canvass is supported by the Save the 8th and Protect the 8th campaigns and 30 local pro-life groups around the country